5 Fragen an … Willie Robinson

coach WillieKurz vor dem Saisonbeginn hat unser Headcoach Willie Robinson sich die Zeit genommen, meine 5 Fragen zu beantworten. Obwohl er fleissig an seinen Deutschkenntnissen arbeitet, ist es dieses Jahr noch ein Interview auf Englisch geworden. Aber ich zähle ganz fest auf das nächste Jahr!

Barbara: With the test game coming up, the 2016 season is just around the corner. How satisfied are you with the preparations so far?

Willie: Thank you for asking. In this moment I am happy about the old and new faces we have this year.

I’m excited about the competitive spirit of the team a in this moment and the work and effort being put forth by the coaching Staff.

Barbara: For the first time, you gave out the mission „Championship“ – what made you certain, that this is the year of the Cougars?

Willie: There are no certainties in life. If it was certain we would not have to play the games. The GFL2 is an extremely talented league and every team has an equal chance of winning.

At the same time I think the time has arrived for us with the right mix of veterans and young players that we have a team that is very well capable of winning it all.

Barbara: You just came back from the mini camp in Bad Segeberg. How did it go? And what were the biggest surprises?

Willie: Camp was great for the players and coaches. For the first time in my tenure here in Luebeck I really gave coach Stursberg and Perez Mattison our offensive Coordinator a chance to get after it. They had a chance to really get in to depth and coach up their players and really be creative with their own individual touch.

The biggest surprise was how the defense and offense competed vs each other. It was never one sided but each unit fought really hard never giving one another a clear advantage.

Barbara: Who do you think will be the biggest opponent this year?

Willie: It’s hard to say all the teams in the GFL2 are competitive. All of the teams have their strengths and weaknesses. No one will lay down for the Cougars and give us an easy victory and no team will allow us to sneak up on them.

Teams know we play good football here in Luebeck so they all will give us their best shot. There will be no easy wins.

Barbara: And last, but not least, the question I ask every time: honest now, how’s the German coming along? 🙂

Willie: My German is coming along quite well. I’m putting effort in and I’m making progress. And if there is anyone in the Cougar family who is interested in helping me with conversational German I am very interested to help me speak correctly.

Barbara: thanks for taking the time, coach!

Das waren sie, die 5 Fragen an unseren Headcoach. Ich hoffe, ab heute trifft er auf viele Mitglieder der Cougars Familie, die nur Deutsch mit ihm reden 🙂

Jetzt am Sonntag geht es los, die Cougars testen gegen die Berlin Rebels. Kickoff ist auf dem Buniamshof um 14 Uhr!


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